World Financial Symposium – Get Perfect Insights of Aviation Finance Management

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The World Financial Symposium –

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is bringing The World Financial Symposium to Dublin on September 25 – September 28, 2017. This would be a platform for over 750 high class CFOs, financial executives and specialists to share the stage, to discuss and share insight and best practices of aviation financial management. The 4 days of this highly cited event would focus on Aircraft Financing, E-Fueling, and Airline Cost Management on Blocked Funds, IFRS, Complex Taxes and Distribution Costs.

In 2017, The World Financial Symposium (WFS) will focus on sustained airline financial health with a key emphasis on speed of delivery of their innovative initiatives to control over cost and improve the aviation services.

Why Should You Attend the World Financial Symposium –

The World Financial Symposium has become an important aviation event, handling global airline finance issues. After all, this event brings well renowned, popular industry players together to move ahead, coordinate efforts and make decisions to ensure the sustained financial health of the airline industry.

The global spend on air transport last year was almost $750 billion as per IATA these few factors may be interesting.

  • With this spend there are still some countries where Aviation profit margin is less
  • Airlines from Europe are struggling to make profits from their operations
  • More than a trillion people add on to Air travel every year and hence the consideration of getting new Boeing for cross border is a need

None the less, there are many more topics like Fuel price, Global conflicts management, Airport expansion which would give some directions to Aviation and Aviation supporting industry;

The event would be focused around financial focus, investment strategies, and solutions for the challenges seen in the aviation industry from each part of the world.

WFS 2017

How Do You Reach the World Financial Symposium –

The event – World Financial Symposium will be hosted at The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD). The CCD is located just 20 minutes away from the airport in Dublin’s Docklands – the technology and finance hub of Dublin. In fact, the CCD is considered as the first carbon neutral constructed convention center around the world. It’s due to the contemporary design of the CCD meeting top environmental sustainability standards proficiently. Though the CCD is close to the airport, reserve airport car service in Dublin at LFLCS and get to the venue with ease and complete peace of mind. No matter whatever your requirements, our experienced chauffeur car service is available round the clock and guides you personally to the event and city of Dublin.

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