Take a Private Day Tour from Dublin to Glendalough

Are you visiting Dublin for business or a long-awaited vacation? Whatever the reason behind your visit, there is more to Dublin than just the city itself, why not try exploring the Irish countryside a little bit? Are you unsure about where to go with so much to see and do in Dublin, why not think about planning a Day tour from Dublin to Glendalough?

Glendalough is located in Wicklow County and has become one of the most popular day tours from Dublin over the last few years. Founded in the sixth century by St. Kevin, it is one of the oldest examples of the Christian monastic community. Parts of the buildings still standing today date back to the tenth and twelfth centuries. In spite of several Viking attacks over the years, Glendalough was one of the most significant monasteries in Ireland until its destruction by the Normans in 1214.

Taking a Private Day Tour to Glendalough Monastery

The Glendalough Monastery is dominated by a magnificent thirty-three-meter-high round tower and its primary function was that of a belfry. It was used to store valuables and in some rare situations as a temporary refuge during sudden attacks.

The beautiful tower is surrounded by an amazingly picturesque cemetery filled with typical Celtic crosses. The remnants of different stone buildings and churches help in creating some of the most striking sights and magical spaces.

The true beauty of the monastery remains in its location. Glendalough is Gaelic and translates literally to the “Valley of Two Lakes” and quite fittingly so. The monastery is located right beside two striking lakes, the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake. The Monastery is at the south and eastern shore of the Upper Lake. As per the name, in a valley surrounded by mountains, it’s a beautiful, peaceful place to visit.

When you come out of the Monastery, you will cross over a little bridge over a small stream and a brief walk of around one kilometer before getting to the Upper Lake. You will feel like this place was made just for taking pictures! Glendalough has something unique for the budding photographer or amateur alike, everywhere you turn is a photo opportunity with its sheer beauty.

It takes around an hour to explore the surroundings of the monastery by yourself. You can of course spend some more time there as there are some beautiful, not overly strenuous hikes available which will reward you with the most incredible views of the lakes, the valley, and the monastery.

Getting to Glendalough from Dublin

Dublin to Glendalough limo

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