5 Reasons to Visit Glendalough for Dreamlike Irish Experience

Are you planning to take some private day tours in and around Dublin? What about considering a visit to Glendalough – only one hour away from the city of Dublin? Close enough not to have to travel too far, but far enough away from the city to give you the full experience of what the Irish countryside has to offer. You should definitely add this spectacular destination to your bucket list for Dublin private tours!

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Introducing Glendalough –

Glendalough is well-known as the “City of Seven Churches”, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland. It’s a paradise for both nature enthusiasts and history lovers alike.. Just an hour away from Dublin, it is one of the most popular destinations to visit during private day tours in Dublin. So, continue reading this post to discover even more reasons to visit.

1. Beautiful Views

If you have time, you should take a hike to the top of the trails that start from the Glendalough visitor center. Get ready to immerse yourself in the spectacular views of the surrounding national park. The main highlight of these views is looking down at Lough Tay, which is the world’s biggest pint of Guinness.

2. Incredible Step Wooden Trail

Are you feeling fit and active? If yes, you should test your fitness level at the Spinc Trail. As one of the most popular trails, it has over 600 wooden steps that take you to a viewing point overlooking the magnificence of the Upper Lake. The name “Spinc” comes from the Irish word “A Spinc” which means pointed hill. Once you finish the trail, you will know what that name actually means.

3. The Round Tower

The most famous landmark in Glendalough is the ancient Round Tower which remains around thirty-three metres above the ground. It is famed as one of the most finely built and beautifully designed towers in Ireland. The tower was built by monks of St. Kevin’s monastery which was almost thousands of years ago. The tower was used as the refuge place for the monks when the monastery was under attack. It served as a lookout post and beacon for monks and pilgrims approaching to make their way to Glendalough from a distant place.

4. The St. Kevin’s Cross

Do you know about one of the most unusual and largest high crosses in Ireland to be seen at Glendalough? It’s the St. Kevin’s Cross. It is finely carved from a single piece of granite. The cross is also unusual as it is not pierced through the ring like most Irish high crosses. There is a local legend that you should learn about this cross that if you can wrap your arms around the whole width of the cross body, your wishes will be granted. However, there is no harm in trying it out.

5. The Irish Last Remaining Monastic Gateway

The monastic city of Glendalough is the only surviving example of its own kind throughout Ireland. It should be the reason enough for you to visit there when you are thinking about taking Dublin private day tours. When you stand at the entrance, you can imagine the entire scale of a getaway into the compound with its impressive remains.

Bottom Line –

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