Why a Dublin Chauffeur Service is better value than a taxi for airport transfers

If your business regularly has clients or company executives arriving at Dublin Airport you might think that a chauffeur service is more expensive than a taxi. On the face of it the price may be a little more but when you consider the advantages of a chauffeur airport transfer over a taxi, I think you will agree that a chauffeur service from Dublin Airport is much better value.

Consider this scenario
A major client or company executive is arriving on an early morning flight from New York, you call a taxi company and ask them to pick up the passenger. The taxi company notes that the flight is due to arrive at 5.20am and you leave it at that, trusting that the will pick up the VIP and bring him to his hotel. The flight from New York arrives 45 minutes early and there is nobody there to pick up the VIP and the taxi driver did not track the flight, the VIP calls your boss and asks him where his pick up is and low and behold your phone rings at 5am and your boss is not too happy. The taxi driver then arrives and with a hand written sign on a piece of brown card board eventually finds your VIP. The taxi driver who is dressed in his uniform of jeans, runners and a Hoodie escorts your VIP who is carrying their own luggage to the 15 year old car in the public car park not to mention that the taxi driver has to stop and fumble for change at the public pay station, 15 minutes’ walk from the terminal. Dublin being Dublin it’s raining and the VIP is soaked .The VIP wants to check his email but the taxi has no Wi-Fi, but instead gets the drivers insight in to last night’s football game.

Consider how different the chauffeur experience would be…
You call a Dublin chauffeur company who specialize in airport transfers from Dublin Airport and they book a car for you, you receive an emailed confirmation with details of where the chauffeur will meet the passenger along with his mobile phone number which you can pass on to the passenger. The chauffeur company’s dispatch centre equipped with the latest flight tracking software informs the chauffeur the flight is early and he is there to meet your guest. He’s dressed in a dark suit and the greeting sign has the passengers name and your company logo. After greeting the passenger he escorts them (while carrying their bags!) to the nearby VIP Chauffeur Car Park steps from the terminal where their immaculate new model executive car is waiting. The chauffeur opens the door and puts the luggage in the boot of the car. As the VIP car park is operated with number plate recognition cameras there is no need to stop at a pay station. The chauffeur will not engage the passenger in conversation unless the passenger does so first and will leave them to check their emails in the Wi-Fi equipped car, while sipping on a chilled bottle of mineral water.

If you still think a taxi is better value, then the phone book is full of cheap options to get your guests to their hotel. Or if like us you think peace of mind and professional service is worth a little extra, call us on +353 86 414 1837 to arrange your Dublin Airport Chauffeur pick up today.