How Do You Make a Good First Impression?


First impressions are instantaneous and in most cases irreversible, that’s why the right first impression is so important especially in the business arena.

More often than not if you have a big meeting or presentation you forget that your body language is immediately read by everyone in the room and they can quiet easily pick up on the fact that you are nervous, so a positive attitude is vital. This will set the tone for future business negotiations and deals.

Prepare a Suitable Presentation –

A picture is worth a thousand words and it’s not just about images; but your physical presence as well. Dress to impress and be yourself.  By dressing appropriately for the meeting or presentation you are setting the standard, showing you are a professional which reflects on your company.  By being yourself you are letting your future or existing clients know that you can be trusted and that your word is your bond.   People can very easily pick up on a lie in a conversation which is the worst thing in business as it give you zero credibility.

 Start a Small Talk –

The days of the quick hard sell are long gone.  People like to get to know who they are potentially going to do business with and just by having a genuine conversation with someone can be of more long term benefit to you and your company than you can imagine.

 Be Friendly and Attentive –

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be polite and attentive, listening to what people have to save and genuinely taking it on board can be of huge advantage to you.  Make notes as to a future clients likes and dislikes so that you can avoid them when necessary.  Often it’s what people don’t say rather than what they do say that matters the most – which brings it all back to body language!

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