How Do You Make a Good First Impression on Your Business Clients

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Generally, first impressions can be formed within just a mere three seconds. They are nearly impossible to reverse or change. Both favorable and unfavorable images set the tone of a relationships and can be detrimental to a business deal. So it’s important to know how to leave a good first impression on business clients.

First impressions is something that everyone experiences in their daily life. Take a look at a few useful tips discussed below and know how to make a good first impression on your corporate clients:

Make a presentation appropriately

A positive first impression is worth a thousand words. Dressing appropriately for the situation is most effective, some situations call for full business attire, others for a more casual relaxed look.  Being able to foresee what will work best will put you at an advantage and make your future business partners feel at ease.

Try to be natural

Being yourself is an all important tool in business, you are unique so you will shine if you can show your qualities in a natural way gaining the trust of your future partners as they will see you are not a performer or on show.

Present yourself with a smiling face

You can’t underestimate the power of a smile.    It shows that you are an honest and open person, someone to trust and easy to approach.  A smile is infectious and will put your business partners at ease and it’s a good way to start a meeting.


Small-talk is a powerful tool in business, it builds a report and helps you to get to know your clients and what their goals both personal and business are.   If you can remember to write down a few notes about each person you meet, any little thing like the name of their children and remember to ask them how they are next time you meet – it’s amazing how much people appreciate little things like that.

Remember to listen more than you talk, the person doing the most talking is usually the most nervous and will probably reveal things about themselves they didn’t necessarily want to reveal, just in the heat of the moment.

Make a list of general questions that you can ask to keep a conversation flowing, awkward silences are painful for everyone involved!

Be friendly and attentive with your clients

Being friendly and attentive when in a meeting with your clients is all important, nothing screams that you don’t care if you are constantly fiddling with your phone, texting and checking emails while in a meeting.  Put your phone down.  Make eye contact with your client and show them they have your full attention.  People like to feel validated when they speak, so nod your head, agree with a statement and remember to smile!

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Final Consideration

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