UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

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Qualifying games start shortly after the World Cup – that falls traditionally in September, two months after the global tournament comes to an end. But for Euro 2020, qualifying games won’t get underway until March 2019 – that is little more than a year before the tournament itself takes place.

This means, qualifiers will be played between March 21 2019 and November 19 2019. The play offs will take place in the final week of March 2020 – which is four months after the draw is made.

How does the qualification for Euro 2020 work?

Twenty teams will reach the finals through the usual group system, but in a changed format. Other four will make their places at Euro 2020 through the new Nations League.

When will the tournament be hosted?

The opening match of the Euro 2020 is scheduled to be hosted on June 12 2020 and the final will be on July 12 2020.

The Qualifying Group Draw

The qualifying group stage draw will take place on 2nd December 2018 at the Convention Centre in Dublin. The 55 teams will be divided into 10 groups – five groups of five teams i.e. Groups A-E and five groups of six teams i.e. Groups F-J.

The teams will be played based on the 2018-19 UEFA Nations League overall ranking. The four participants of the 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals in June 2019 will take place in a different pot and drawn into Groups A-D. This means, it has only five teams so that they only need to play eight qualifying matches.

The Host Teams –

To allow all 12 teams from the UEFA Euro 2020 host associations to get a chance to qualify as group winners and runners-up, a maximum of two will be placed in every group – Denmark, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, England, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Romania and Scotland.

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