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LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services

Tell us about LfL Chauffeur Services and what you do.

LfL is a Dublin-based full-service chauffer drive company. While corporate services are our core offering, which includes everything from executive transfers to transport support for large events and road shows etc, we offer a range of other services from private tours to wedding transport and social events. We have a presence throughout the world through our partner network, which allows us to provide

bespoke transport services in over 300 cities. By investing heavily in building these partnerships, not just in terms of reach but in putting them through a rigorous vetting procedure, we are able to offer a seamless experience for clients, no matter where they are based or where

they are travelling. That focus on putting the customer first is reflected in the fact that we are the top-rated chauffeur company in Ireland on TripAdvisor and winner of Fingal Chamber’s SME of the year. We are members of the Na- tional Chauffeur Drive Association of Ireland and the National Limousine Association.

What does working for this company mean to you?

As a family-backed and operated business, we take great pride in working both in and on this business. Customer service is something we

get great pleasure out of doing well, and we’re building this business on service first. It’s great to take something that was just an idea and a passion 10 years ago, to where it is now. And there’s lots more to come!

Where do you see the future growth of LfL Chauffeur Services?

Inward investment into Ireland continues apace, with many emerging tech, pharma, and B2B businesses selecting Ireland as their EMEA base. That presents a continuing opportunity for us in the corporate transport market. Dublin is also a hugely popular conference destination with the connectivity that Dublin Airport offers and facilities such as the Convention Centre.

Retention, though, is a massive focus for us. When we win a new client, that is only the start of the journey. We work hard to deliver the service promise we pride ourselves on. Thank- fully, we’ve been very successful in that regard and have many clients who are both long-term customers and advocates.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

I was lucky enough to work for one of the most customer-centric businesses – Superquinn.

I count that as one of the most rewarding and educational experiences I’ve had. Feargal Quinn was ahead of his time by way of the initiatives and mindset around customer service that he implemented. He also had a lot of great people around him and I learned a lot from all of them. If I had to pick just one of the many pieces of advice I took, it would be to ‘never say no to a customer because there is always a way to help them’.

Describe the ethos of your company in five words.

Stay close to your customers.

What are the growth areas of your business?

While we continue to see growth in all areas of the business, the meeting and events sector is the standout performer. Year to date we’ve already doubled our business versus last year and that was off a strong base. While this sector demands a high level of planning and co-or- dination, there is a great sense of achievement when you see the part you play in delivering a successful event.

What one thing would you change to make Dublin better?

The National Chauffeur Drive Association have long campaigned for all public-service Vehicles to have access to bus lanes. We are licensed and reg- ulated by the National Transport Authority, and form part of the public transport network, yet we are denied access. We are constantly trying to attract new business to Ireland and making this change would deliver a small yet very important improvement in terms of the experience that key business figures have when they visit.

What is the biggest issue currently facing your business?

The traffic situation in Dublin continues to worsen and accessibility to south Dublin from the airport is a serious concern, not only at rush hour, but through most of the working day.

What was your standout achievement in 2016?

In line with our upward growth curve, we moved our HQ to new, larger premises in close proximity to Dublin Airport. From here, we have more space to store and prepare vehicles, as well as extensive office facilities for client meetings and our support centre.