Attend Women in Tech in Dublin

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The Women in Tech event offers you a chance to be inspired, meet like-minded people and supercharge your career. The world’s largest Women in Tech event series is coming to the Convention Centre Dublin on 15th November 2018. This event joins tech leaders and professionals from the biggest names and the hottest startups which gives you the opportunity to learn from these pioneers and improve your skills.

The Women in Tech conference allows people and organisations to connect, learn and take action on gender diversity as well as inclusion. We look forward to opening people’s minds to unique ideas by pushing boundaries.

The deep insight into the latest tech trends and business strategy, inspirational keynotes, and career development workshops, this conference offers all the networking opportunities required to prosper in the tech sector. This event aims to make an impact on the gender gap and supercharge your career.

The Significance of Women in Tech Dublin:-

Maximise potential:

Know how to build confidence, utilise the right body language and market yourself in their empowering workshops.

Obtain technical knowledge:

Obtain the lowdown on how different aspects of business will be affected by improving technology and the latest trends. You will obtain hands on coding during deep dive sessions.

Build inclusive and diverse organizations:

Know how the industry leaders use strategies to address the gender gap, measure the effectiveness of D&I policies, and push it the front of their business agendas.

Get long-term success:

The main topics to be covered will include how to appeal and retain top talents, digital transformation, build successful teams and change company culture.

Meet & Interact with Like-Minded People:

Take this opportunity to join a friendly community of like-minded people with fabulous networking opportunities.

Be energised and inspired:

Industry leaders will share their own sets of experiences of championing women, the significance of female role models and how to accelerate your career.

Attend Women in Tech Dublin:

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