The Significance of Your Arrival on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Car Hire Dublin

Your wedding should be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. This is the day when all of your nearest and dearest gather to celebrate you and your partners love. When planning for your wedding, the main focus is usually on the brides dress, the venue, the food and the band – in that order!

First impressions are key but especially on your wedding day, and the type of wedding transportation you chose will go a long way to help making that all important first impression on this your special day, the memories of which will last a lifetime.

Important Things to Consider for Your Beautiful Wedding Arrival

Dress to Impress

The wedding gown is the most important thing on the day, you may think it’s not but it’s all your guests will be talking about as they wait to see you arrive. The venue, food and music come a close second and somewhere in there the groom’s attire matters too!

Proper Timing is a Key

They say being late is a bride’s prerogative but really keeping your guests waiting any more than 10 minutes is just rude. Make sure to reconfirm timings with your makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer so nothing is left to chance.

Ready for Close-Up

Photograph’s sometimes forget about timings and that you are anxious to get the party started and get back to your guests – make a list of the family and friends photo groups you want to have taken so you don’t forget with all the hustle and bustle on the day. Remind them to take lots of candid shots are these are often the best ones to look back on – and keep an eye on the timing – remember it’s your day!

Make a Stylish Entrance

The wedding car you chose to arrive in is an important aspect of your day. It can seem like only a small piece of the puzzle but imagine if you book a car and the vehicle doesn’t turn up or arrives late, this will have a huge impact on your wedding day. Though there’s a huge availability of wedding cars in Dublin, make sure to do your homework and chose a reliable professional wedding car service.

A professional wedding car company in Dublin will listen to you and suggest the best vehicle to accommodate the size of your dress and not to mention get you to you venue in style and comfort.

At LFLCS, we have a modern selection of wedding cars in Dublin to complement weddings of every kind. After all, your wedding car could be the missing piece to your grand arrival! So, what are you waiting for! Schedule your chauffeur hire in Dublin and make that beautiful entrance that you really deserve!

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