Platinum Services Dublin Airport

Platinum Services at Dublin Airport by LfL Chauffeur Services

Platinum Services is the VIP terminal at Dublin Airport. Located adjacent to Terminal 1 most people wouldn’t even know it’s there except for when a police motorcade leaves this area and some high profile head of state or celebrity is arriving in Dublin.

Platinum Services at Dublin Airport

Platinum also doubles as the FBO (Fixed Based Operation) which is the industry term for private aviation, all private aircraft traveling to Dublin Airport use this service.  Both Signature Flight Support and Universal Aviation passengers pass through Platinum when arriving or departing on private aircraft.

Platinum Travel and Dublin Airport

Platinum offers the ultimate services to travelers, with concierge service that checks you in for your flights, private security screening, and luxury private suites where you can wait until it’s time to be chauffeur driven to your aircraft for departure.  These luxury suites have full catering facilities and if you are a returning passenger they will note your preferences and specific dietary requirements. For arriving commercial passengers Platinum will meet you at the top of the jet bridge and drive you to the private terminal where you can enjoy one of the luxury suites or maybe freshen up with a shower while they retrieve your luggage.

Platinum Travel and Dublin Airport

Platinum offers a seamless service and guarantees that if you arrive 45 minutes before a flight you will they will complete the formalities and have you on board.  While Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport effectively close for operations late at night, Platinum operates 24/7 to offer private aviation the ability to arrive and depart whenever they want.

This premium service is not just for VIPs and celebrities, it’s available for anybody who wishes to use it and can be booked either direct through Dublin Airport’s website or through ourselves at LFLCS when booking your car.

For arriving passengers we will collect your bags from the Platinum team and have them in your vehicle before you leave your luxury suite for the onward journey.

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