Important Airport Hacks to Know Before Air Travel

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We are all aware that traveling by plane is the quickest way to get from one country to another. Air travel is well known for its speed and convenience but it’s not without its faults, the main one being stress. When planning air travel, if you try to figure out different ways to make the process easier, it will help you be less stressed.

Here are some essential airport hacks that you could try:

Focus on the rush.

Some statistics have shown that generally, airports are busiest on Monday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and around the holiday period. If you are thinking of traveling during this time, it’s best to leave as must time at the airport in your schedule as possible.

Consider airport security.

In the corporate world, time is money. You want to save time as much as possible. By being TSA-preapproved you can use special fast lanes for security at the airport that will be much quicker and gain you that all-important time advantage.

Consider lounges.

When traveling, by using one of the many airport lounges available you can avoid the crowds, get some work done in a quiet environment or enjoy the many tasty food and beverages on offer.  Most airlines offer lounge access to their frequent flyers, some credit cards offer lounge access or nowadays there are even some lounges that are open to everyone for a fee.

Focus onboarding.

Allowing yourself enough time for security and leisurely boarding is paramount. If you are under pressure for time, this is when the stress will kick in. Though most people want to avoid checking bags, the overhead compartments can fill up quickly. Careful parking in a smaller bag that can fit under the seat will again lessen the stress of wondering if will there be enough overhead bin space for your bag. Some airlines allow you to pay an additional fee for priority boarding but again with the number of people using this service, it’s still not a guarantee there will be room for your bag.

Think about your food and drink.

Airport restaurants and fast food diners and bars are not always the best option for food.  They can be very busy and crowded, not to mention expensive!  Sometimes it’s best to eat before arriving at the airport or bring a snack for the plane.  If you use the lounge option you can always take advantage of what they have on offer.  Another useful tip is to bring an empty water bottle that you can fill from the many drinking water fountains available once you’ve gone through security.

Get your ground transportation in proper order.

Last but not least is organizing your ground transportation for your arrival pick up in Dublin. Scheduling Dublin Airport transfers ahead of time is the best option. When booking airport transfers in Dublin, you get to avoid all the hustle and stress of long taxi lines.  You will have the convenience of knowing your chauffeur will be waiting for you once your flight has landed.

Bottom Line –

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