Finding your Irish Ancestors

Pres Obama

So you might not be the President of The United States with their own hotel and golf resort in Ireland or have a signpost outside the village from where your ancestors came from,but if you are one of the 33 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry you may want to visit ‘the olde country’ and see the place your ancestry originally came from.

Over 10% of Americans are of Irish decent and are dispersed throughout the whole of The United States.  The highest percentage of Irish American’s are in Massachusetts at 22.5% and the lowest is Utah with 5.9%.

Ireland’s influence in The United States can be seen in the many places that are named after the original locations in Ireland, for example there are 11 cities named Dublin including the second fastest growing city in California.Baltimore Maryland is named after a town in Cork and even Menlo Park in California home of Google and Facebook is called after a village in Co. Galway.

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