Facts about Dublin That Will Make You Fall In Love with the City

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Are you curious and excited about exploring Dublin? We at LFLCS have brought you some interesting fun facts and trivia bites about the city for you. An example of one such trivia bite is –Dublin, the capital city of Ireland is the largest settlement on the island with more than 1.5 million residents.

  • Meaning of Dublin in Irish

In the Irish language Dublin has two names, Dubh Linn and Baile Átha Cliath. The literal meaning of Átha Cliath is “Ford of the Reed Hurdles.” And the meaning of Dubh Linn is “Black Pool” that has been derived from the Old Irish Gaelic. Dubh Linn was a lake that was used by the Vikings to moor their trade ships, it was also attached to the Liffey by the River Poddle.

  • A Youthful City

About 50% (approx.) of the city’s population is below 25 years of age, which leads to a vibrant and electric atmosphere.  The weather temperature doesn’t really vary very much between summer and winter but rest assured the stories about it raining most days is true so be prepared!

  • Guinness

Dublin is the home of Guinness and legend has it that it tastes better in Dublin than anywhere else. Why not come and see and taste for yourself. The Guinness Brewery is Ireland’s top tourist attraction.

  • Twin Cities and Sister Cities of Dublin

Dublin is a twin city with 4 other cities! Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain; Liverpool in the UK; Beijing in China and San Jose in California. Isn’t that cool

  • O’Connell Bridge – the Only Bridge in Europe with same length and width

O’Connell Bridge in Dublin is the only bridge in the whole of Europe that has the same length and width. This bridge covers the famous River Liffey which divides the city of Dublin in half.  The bridge as it stands today was built in 1863 replacing a wooden bridge built in 1801.  An amazing fact about the 1801 bridge is that it was a rope structure prior to that and the capacity to carry only one man and a donkey at a time.

  • The Oldest Pub in Ireland is in Dublin

The Brazen Head in Dublin is the oldest pub in Ireland and has been on this site since 1198. Unbelievable but true!  Definitely a must see while in the city.

  • Dublin’s glitterati

Dublin is known for its rich history in the literary and movie world and several names of celebrities native to the city are, George Bernard Shaw (dramatist, critic and Nobel Prize winner), Oscar Wilde (playwright, poet, essayist and novelist),James Joyce (writer and poet), and Dracula creator Bram Stoker. There are some Hollywood actors from our city as well including Gabriel Byrne, Brendan Gleeson, Colin Farrell and Maureen O’Hara.


Besides these there are several other interesting facts about the city that makes it well worth a visit. So if you are planning to explore our city, then let us at LFLCS make your tour the utmost in convenience and comfort. Our limo service Dublin will help you to arrange a bespoke tour tailored to your interests or why not let our expert chauffeurs show you the main sites.

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